Help for Depression

Depression is an illness, not a sign of weakness and if left untreated, it can develop into clinical depression. There is no need to suffer in silence because proven treatments exist which can make a real difference to how you feel. Get the expert help you deserve today by contacting SPACE2REFLECT now.

Symptoms of Depression


Depression affects people in many different ways and can cause a wide variety of symptoms.  Feelings can persist for weeks or months and can interfere with your work, social life and family life.   You may be suffering from depression if you’re experiencing:


•    feelings of hopelessness and helplessness

•    prolonged sadness or low mood

•    low self-esteem

•    crying a lot or feeling tearful

•    feeling guilt-ridden

•    being intolerant of others or easily irritated 

•    having little motivation or interest in doing things

•    finding it difficult to make a decision

•    not feeling satisfied or enjoying life

•    feeling worried or anxious

•    having suicidal thoughts or thoughts of harming yourself


If any of these feelings sound familiar, talking through your feelings can be very beneficial. To find out how we can help you to overcome your depression, please complete our contact form, or call us on 07946 512 364